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Weekly Watchlist 10.26.2020

Click the link below to join our Hyper Chat and receive the full weekly watchlist and have access to our daily alerts and market updates.  https://hyperstocks.org/products/hyper-chat GNUS Stop loss: 1.52 Price target: 1.80 Second PT: 1.95-2.00 There was a point in time where traders thought this stock was going to the moon, but that’s very rare to happen to penny stocks. Every once in a while, you’ll see a stock like GNUS move up to double digits, which it did back in June, but those moves typically don’t last as they’re driven by hype, not value. The set up we currently have on this stock is based on how it has developed since that big move. GNUS suffered from months...

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Order Types

Learn the differences between the types of orders you can place with your brokerage in order to purchase or sell shares of a company. Stocks can be purchased or sold using market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders...etc.

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